Friday, 20 February 2015

EOT Cranes by Konecranes

2/20/2015 By

Konecranes is specialists within the manufacture and provide of industrial cranes, several kinds of industrial crane spares and various kinds of mechanical handling gear. The supply a broad selection of crane spares and gear to consumer's planet wide.

Konecranes certainly are well-known suppliers of original and refurbished overhead cranes. These might be of varieties single and double girder overhead cranes and gantries. They also supply service and maintenance performs for these cranes.

Konecranes cranes are developed for one hundred percent accuracy and supply optimum productivity. The cranes are equipped with magnetic or hydraulic brakes to improve their effectiveness and security. A number of controls like maser manage switches and drum controllers tends to make these cranes straightforward to make use of.

Akber Ali & Sons can also customize these cranes in accordance with our consumer's demands. Our high quality handle group inspects all cranes to make certain defect free of charge, sturdy and powerful goods.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hydrofor™-Hydraulic jack

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Floor handling of heavy loads requesting a limited lift for maintenance purposes or to lift a load prior to move it on the floor with skates, Akber Ali & Sons offers The HYDROFOR™ hydraulic jack by Tractel group which is a manually operated single block hydraulic ram with a projecting lifting toe. This jack is innovative of its own kind, Operating the lever will lift the load, when the release button is closed. By turning smoothly this button anti-clockwise and the load will be controlled downwards. The load can be handled either by the toe or by the jack head. There are many advantages, like Robust construction with a single block steel body and wearing parts such as the column, the toe and the base plate are of high resistance special steel. Also has Ergonomic and removable handle for transport (25 t model is fitted with rollers).  It has Working Load applied on toe and head with a Pressure valve to avoid over loading. A release button controls lowering operations and Toe can swivel 360° around the axis of the jack. It can operate in both vertical and horizontal position (vertical position only for 25t unit). Minimum clearance only between floor and toe. Very easy maintenance of the hydraulic circuit and removable operating lever makes this hydraulic jack user friendly and workable at all ends so check out today with our firm, Akber Ali& Sons for this innovative product and its user friendly

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Compact, Easy to handle and fast. The high-performance Off-road self-loading concrete mixer.

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Akber Ali & Sons, a renowned name in the field of construction equipment, spare parts, quality servicing and effective technical training. It offers Merlo products better known for high functionality in all fields ranging from telescopic handlers, self-loading concrete mixers, tracked carriers and model access platforms. Merlo; bought one of the conceived self-loading concrete mixers in 1966. They came to be appreciated in many areas of the world where morphological conditions require versatile, reliable and sturdy off-road vehicles. DBM trucks have four wheel drive portal axles and a three-function steering system ensuring vehicle disengagement on any terrain.

The hydrostatic transmission is designed to tackle steep slopes while also ensuring speeds of 40 Km/h – DBM 3500 EV -. The large water and fuel tanks ensure even more autonomy, a particularly important feature in areas with poor infrastructures. DBMs are built using sturdy, high quality components specifically for heavy duty service.

Thanks to the bi-directional drive, ergonomic controls and a 700-litre loader, the operator can handle loading of inert aggregates (gravel, sand, crushed stone) simply, quickly and efficiently. The mixing drum is made of wear-resistant steel and the twin-spiral blade ensures uniform concrete mixing.

The high unloading point allows casts even if obstacles are present, making the system even more versatile and effective. The drum can be rotated by up to 180° for side casts and while the truck is moving - ideal for Kerbs and low walls - thereby enhancing performance by optimizing work times. The main commands are doubled up so that the vehicle can be controlled from the ground in complete comfort and safety.

Merlo’s self-loading motorized concrete mixer range, DBM, provides a rapid and economical solution for producing and transporting mortar and concrete. This innovative equipment reduces costs and maximizes performance. It ensures the best autonomy available in the market. Find all different models and featured details with Akber Ali &

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Reach What Others Can’t with JLG Compact Crawler Booms.

1/07/2015 By

Now you can go more places around the job site thanks to the low weight and rubber tracks on the new Compact Crawler Boom with these models X390AJ,X500AJ,X550AJ, X600AJ and X700AJ, JLG Compact Crawler boom lifts, featuring 440lb to 500 lb unrestricted working envelope, fork lift pockets and lifting hooks; available with working heights ranging from 45 ft. to 75 ft. 

JLG Compact Crawler Booms feature a tracked wheel carriage that climbs steps and a narrow chassis for access through gates, yards, standard doorways and public buildings. Its operator friendly and controls have one-touch, outrigger leveling and interactive display in platform. Its Innovative and detachable platform control provide faster and more efficient boom positioning with one hand operation of all boom functions.

 The Compact design increases ease of transport, also has enhanced maneuverability and accessibility.  It is environmentally friendly, JLG offers a line of compact crawler boom lifts with optional market-leading, lithium-ion battery technology to help your job site stay clean and green. Zero emissions, quiet operation and no electric cord required, Electric and combustion combination power for efficient energy usage.

The outriggers are required for operation and provides leveling capability. Crawler Booms are Lightweight for low floor loading and ease of transport.

These versatile boom lifts are what facility professionals need to get the job done on time. So Akber Ali & Sons brings JLG crawler booms in Pakistan with all the models available, Our dedicated team of specialists provide you with responsive service and support so that you stay up and running.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Articulating Boom Crane-Easy load and offload

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Knuckle Boom Crane, Also called the Self loader Crane or the Articulating Boom Crane, has made work easy, the way people load and offload in a variety of industries. It looks similar to the traditional straight boom crane, but the knuckle boom crane has two booms; a main boom and an outer boom. These two booms have a knuckle between them that makes it easier to fold into a smaller size, but at the same time it can extend further to reach loads at a distance, thereby offering more options for the operator.

Look at your fingers; hold your index finger out straight, and then bend your finger at the knuckles. The knuckle boom crane works in the same manner.

Moreover the Articulating Boom crane is excellent at lifting cargo horizontally, meaning that it can even be used in low clearance, tight spaces without causing any damage. Minimal space is needed to operate this crane. With the addition of a jib, the possibilities are even greater.

It also offers Multiple Install Configurations, like it could be on a truck, on a boat, dock, or rail car. Again, it really doesn’t matter where you choose to install it because it is versatile enough to accommodate your needs. Last but not the least it is easier to load & unload. Such an innovative equipment to perform all tasks, Akber Ali & Sons offers Palfinger Cranes with all these additional features and much more usability.

An equipment of your choice, Palfinger Knuckle Boom Cranes are the masterpiece of their own, available at for all different sectors and divisions.

Friday, 26 December 2014

RCM-The Professional Floor Cleaning Solutions.

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Almost all the business and industrial segments make utilization of several cleaning and sweeping equipment, with the end goal of making an eco-accommodating environment. Here the industries need cleaning machines to save time and hassle, with the end goal of cleaning the supplies and for the insurance of upkeep offices, which helps the business to secure the nature's domain and the speculations overall. Thus the requirement for sweeping equipment could be compulsory in light of the utilization of a few dust delivering materials and substances, for example, rust iron, acidic and lethal chemicals, unforgiving chemicals, oil, gas, spills and buildups.

In this way, for giving the best environment to work and to create mechanical items, unique business cleaning supplies is utilized. We at Akber Ali & Sons offer RCM equipment, which supply leading technical floor cleaning solutions built for high performance, long-life & reliability. Explore the range of walk-behind & ride-on sweepers & scrubber dryers & floor cleaning equipment for hard & soft floor surfaces, indoors & out.

These cleaning equipment are available with different shapes and sizes, for many businesses and commercial sector at a very reasonable and cost effective prices at Akber Ali & Sons. These sweeping machines have several features in cleaning and sweeping, that incorporates floor sweepers, floor scrubbers, consolidated cleaner and scrubbers, riding and fixed sweepers, and considerably more.

So, never the less get the ease of maintenance with RCM sweepers and scrubbers available at

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Marine Cranes-Aayag

12/18/2014 By

Akber Ali & Sons offers a wide range of PALFINGER MARINE’s comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes as well as wire luffing and travelling cranes for various applications within the shipbuilding and the oil and gas industry worldwide. The products are designed to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the offshore and marine industry.
For all vessels and rigs directly related to exploration and the extraction of oil and gas at sea, PALFINGER MARINE has a wide range of customized cranes for use in safe areas or hazardous zones. Vessels operating in the oil and gas markets have very specific requirements when it comes to lifting and rescue equipment. Both standardized and customized cranes, davits and boats meeting the specific demands for navy and coast guard vessels. Based on many years of experience, PALFINGER MARINE has developed a wide range of cranes, davits and boats to supply to the marine market covering fishing and fish farming, work and service boats and merchant vessels.

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